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Running a large-scale retail store might soon no longer require specific authorisation
Posted on 16 January 2018 in News > Real Estate, Construction & Urban Planning

On 22 December 2017, the Ministry of Economy filed Bill n°7228 with the Luxembourg Parliament. The aim of the Bill is to amend the Law of 2 September 2011 regulating the access to the occupations of craftsman, tradesman, industrialist and certain liberal professions as amended, inter alia, to remove the requirement for specific authorisation to run a large-scale retail store (authorization particulière grande surface).


In the interests of administrative simplification, the Bill provides for the deletion of Chapter 6 of the Law of 2 September 2011, headed "Large-scale retail stores" (grandes surfaces) so that the setting-up, expansion, takeover, transfer or change of main commercial division(s) of a sales area exceeding 400 sqm will no longer require a specific authorization from the Ministry of Economy.

The Bill highlights that the current time-consuming authorisation process is just duplicating the existing instruments - mainly land use and urban planning - both on national and local level.

We'll keep you posted on the next important step(s) of the legislative process.










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