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New law on parental leave approved by Luxembourg’s Parliament
Posted on 24 October 2016 in News > Employment, Pensions & Immigration

On 11 October 2016, Luxembourg’s Parliament (Chambre des députés) approved the draft law n° 6935 on the reform of parental leave (Projet de loi portant réforme du congé parental). This law, which is supposed to enter into force on 1st December 2016, will enable more employees, especially fathers, to take parental leave. It provides more flexible and, from a financial point of view, more attractive rules on parental leave.

In a nutshell, parental leave can take the following forms: full-time leave (four or six months), part-time leave (eight or twelve months), a reduction of working time (80% for 20 months) or four single months over a period of 20 months.

For employers it is important to know that, as before, they must still grant full-time parental leave if requested, but they can reject part-time and flexible models.

The benefits during parental leave will be considered a replacement for income. The amount depends on the salary lost by the parent taking the leave. Consequently, parents who choose to take a full time parental leave will receive a replacement indemnity between 1,922 euros and 3,204 euros.

If you have questions or need more information on this new law, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.

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