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Avocat à la Cour, Member of Luxembourg Bar, 2008

2008 Luxembourg University (Complementary Course in Luxembourg Law)
2006 Strasbourg University, France (Master degree in Banking and Financial Law)
2005 Strasbourg University, France (Master degree in Business Law and European Business Law Certificate)
2004  Stockholm University, Sweden, in partnership with Strasbourg University, France (Bachelor degree)

Speaks French and English


She is an active member of the Global Advertising Lawyer Alliance (GALA) and the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) and a Board Member of the Association of the Information Society Professionals (APSI).


Virginie joined MOLITOR in 2007 and she is Counsel. Over the past ten years she has developed her professional activity mainly within the area of IP, IT & Media and Employment law. She is heading the Media, Data, Technologies & IP practice since 2017. 

Virginie provides both litigation and advisory services to clients from a variety of sectors, including retail, automotive, health and financial. Her work includes advice on copyright, information technology, privacy law, trademarks and company names and on regulatory clearance of media and advertising projects. She has extensive experience in distribution networks, restrictive commercial practices, unfair competition practices and business authorisations. Virginie also assists clients with E-commerce as regards the promotion of products and services, commercial communication, promotional games, product labelling and data protection issues. 

In addition to her IP, IT & media practice, Virginie also specialises in employment issues including the drafting of contracts and internal policies. She regularly advises employers on, for example, the flexibility of working hours, compensation, remuneration, benefits in kind and personal data issues relating to the monitoring of employees, the transfer of business and the posting of employees in Luxembourg or abroad.

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The Legal 500 EMEA listed Virgnie for her expertise in IP and IT. They describe her  as 'very capable on data protection matters'. (The Legal 500 EMEA, 2019)

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24 January 2023

Depuis le 1er janvier 2023, certains taux de TVA ont été temporairement modifiés1 : Taux de la TVA 2022 2023 Taux Normal 17% 16% Taux intermédiaire2 14% 13% Taux réduit3 8% 7% Taux super-réduit4 3% 3% Cette modification législative trouve son origine dans l’accord tripartite du 28 septembre 2022 et la loi du 26 octobre […]


16 January 2023

Depuis le 1er janvier 2023, certains taux de TVA ont été temporairement modifiés[1] : notamment le taux normal de TVA à 17[2]% applicable à la vente des produits et des services standards est désormais fixé pour l’année 2023 à 16%. Cette modification législative trouve son origine dans l’accord tripartite du 28 septembre 2022 et la loi […]


17 November 2021

La loi modifiée du 17 juillet 2020 sur les mesures contre la pandémie Covid-19 dans sa nouvelle version votée par la Chambre des Députés le 18 octobre dernier, a ouvert la possibilité pour les entreprises de décider de la mise en place d’un régime de CovidCheck dans son entreprise, ou une partie de ses locaux[1]. […]


17 November 2021

The revised Covid law of 17 July 2020 voted for by the Luxembourg Chamber on 18 October 2021 provides new measures for employers, such as the possibility to opt for the application of a CovidCheck system at the workplace. In addition, prior to the autumn vacation period, the Luxembourg data protection authority released its guidance […]

Cookies oder keine cookies ?

11 November 2021

Der Zugang zu Internetseiten oder Apps, bei denen man auf ein Cookie-Banner oder eine andere Art von “Ja”-Schaltfläche klicken muss, ist mittlerweile sehr verbreitet. Wir alle waren schon mindestens einmal in der Situation, in der wir keine andere Wahl hatten als Cookies zu akzeptieren, um auf Online-Inhalte zugreifen zu können. Die gesetzlichen Vorschriften über Cookies […]

Cookies or no cookies?

28 October 2021

New Leaders League rankings rewarding our IP & IT practice group!

05 July 2021


01 July 2021

These new standard contractual clauses (the “SCCs”) have been eagerly awaited by practitioners in the sector to replace the previous ones i.e. the “old SCCs” that were adopted in 2001, 2004 and 2010 respectively, which were based on the now repealed Directive 95/46/EC.  Here are some clarifications on what you need to know about the […]

Are fines imposed by the National Data Protection Commission for breach of data protection regulations insurable?

14 December 2020


19 October 2020

The fact that the current health crisis is ongoing, and that therefore teleworking continues to be encouraged, puts your company at risk of becoming victim of cyberattacks. The main goals of hackers during these cyberattacks are to gain unauthorised access to and steal confidential information or data, and to extort money from their victims.  The […]


07 October 2019

In a recent decision dated 1st October 2019 of the Court of Justice of the European Union[1] (CJEU), the Court addressed the issue of Cookie Consent and the Bundling of Consent. A German company (Planet49) organised a promotional lottery on a website. The conditions to enter the lottery were to provide some personal data and […]

AGEFI: EU “P2B – Platform to Business” Regulation adopted

16 September 2019

New rules impose more transparency and fairness to online platforms and search engines A new EU Regulation imposing more transparency, fairness, predictability and trustfulness for online intermediation services and search engines has just been adopted with reference number (EU) 2019/1150. Online intermediation services present an opportunity for businesses to expand their market scope and commercial […]

P2B – Here they are: New EU rules imposing more transparency and fairness on online platforms and search engines

22 July 2019

WHAT HAPPENED? A new EU Regulation imposing transparency, fairness, predictability and trustfulness upon online platforms and search engines has just been adopted on 20 June 2019, waiting to make its appearance on the EU Official Journal. WHY THE NEED FOR A NEW REGULATION? Online intermediation services present an opportunity for businesses to expand their market […]

Social elections on 12 March 2019: do they concern you?

16 January 2019

The date of the social elections has been set for 12 March 2019 by ministerial decree of 3 December 2018[1]. As the posting of the notice of election within the company has to be done by 12 February 2019 at the latest, it is important to recall the principle governing the obligation to organize these […]

Sind Sie von den Sozialwahlen am 12. März 2019 betroffen?

16 January 2019

Durch Ministerialerlass vom 3. Dezember 2018[1] wurden die Sozialwahlen auf den 12. März 2019 fixiert. Jeder Betrieb, der zur Durchführung von Sozialwahlen verpflichtet ist, muss bis spätestens 12. Februar 2019 die Wahlmitteilung zur Information der Beschäftigten aushängen. Die Verpflichtung Personalvertreter wählen zu lassen besteht für jedes Unternehmen, das zwischen dem 1. Februar 2018 und dem […]

Elections sociales du 12 mars 2019 : Êtes-vous concernés?

09 January 2019

Par arrêté ministériel du 3 décembre 2018[1] la date des élections sociales a été fixée au 12 mars 2019. L’affichage de l’avis d’élection au sein de l’entreprise devant être effectué pour le 12 février 2019 au plus tard, il est important de rappeler le principe gouvernant l’obligation d’organiser ces élections sociales. Toute entreprise, quels que […]

Did you get “geo-blocked” on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year?

03 December 2018

According to a European Commission survey the majority of websites do not let consumers buy from another EU country[1]. Traders use various practices restricting online cross-border sales based on nationality, residence or place of establishment. These discriminatory practices can occur both online and off-line and include: denying delivery to customers from other Member States, declining […]

GDPR in Luxembourg: The Data Protection Act

10 October 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) took direct effect in Luxembourg on 25 May 2018, but since it allows EU Member States latitude in specific areas, Luxembourg passed a new law on 1 August 2018 which repealed the former Luxembourg law on data protection of 2 August 2002: the 1 August 2018 Act concerning the […]

The Lawyer: GDPR in Luxembourg – More Power to Data Subjects

02 July 2018

Implementation of the GDPR will mean a different approach to information security in Luxembourg, as data subjects’ rights have been strengthened. Sign-in at The Lawyer to read the full article.

Checklist before the GDPR enters into force

26 February 2018

Less than 4 months before the deadline of 25 May 2018 – date of entry into force of the new European regulation on the protection of personal data (Regulation 2016/679, known as the “GDPR”) – the question arises about the level of your company’s compliance with the GDPR requirements.   -Update on personal data processing- […]

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