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MOLITOR Avocats à la Cour celebrates its 25th anniversary
Posted on 29 February 2024 in News > Banking & Finance > Business & Commercial > Employment, Pensions & Immigration > Insurance > Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Since our creation just over 25 years ago (28 to be precise), we have focused on advising companies and their founders or shareholders, both locally and internationally.

What are the foundations of your firm, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary?

To put it succinctly: we are a firm of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. On a day-to-day basis, we put this approach into practice by relying on our four values: integrity and trust, service excellence, teamwork and approachability.

Our aim was to establish a highly respected and sought-after practice by adopting an approach that is demanding of ourselves and tolerant of others, while preserving the independence intrinsic to the legal profession.

These solid foundations have enabled us to evolve and to be called upon for all matters relating to business law in Luxembourg – from employment law and real estate/construction law to insurance, corporate M&A and banking law – as regards both providing advice and/or assisting with litigation.

How have you grown over the past 28 years?

Our development has been and still is based on building an international network. These partnerships abroad are a considerable asset, both for advising foreigners investing in Luxembourg and for serving our clients with confidence when they are faced with issues abroad, whatever the jurisdiction.

At the same time, we have gradually diversified and expanded our teams in order to enhance our range of services, exclusively dedicated to the business world, to the point where we have become a ‘full service’ firm. In recent years, we have set up an IP/IT media department and a tax department.

Finally, an important guiding principle has been ongoing investment in technological solutions. Our constant concern is to provide all team members with relevant tools so that they can work efficiently while focusing on the quality of their work. We are currently testing a number of artificial intelligence-based solutions, some of which are aimed at knowledge management, while others focus on practical issues that make life easier for our team on a day-to-day basis.

A few words about the future?

We will certainly remain uncompromising about our values. We take pride in them every day in our interactions with our clients and within our team.

Having said that, what is our vision for the future? To continue our growth by keeping abreast of changes in legislation, our clients’ needs and the sometimes rapid changes taking place in our national and international environment.

So we are, and always will be, seeking to adapt, bearing in mind that the future must be inspired by our past.


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